Alongside my work leading Cantilever I now offer strategic consulting services, including fractional leadership work!

I believe service & hospitality are the foundation of a flourishing business. A business that takes care of its customers, its team, and its community will inevitably succeed.

Most organizations struggle to serve their teams and customers well because of disorganization, staffing challenges, accountability problems, communication gaps, etc. Over the years at Cantilever I have developed and honed a proven method for solving these kinds of problems and creating a culture where customers and staff feel taken care of. In my consulting work I use those hard-won lessons to solve problems for you.

For my primary client, Element451 (The AI-powered CRM for higher ed), I have…

If something’s not working well in your business, I can probably help fix it.


I prefer to be paid in a combination of equity and cash to align incentives and minimize upfront cost for you. My preference is to have a flat monthly rate but hourly also works. I am providing discounted rates through 2024 since I am just starting my consulting practice.

Need Help?

If you think I can help your business, please reach out to ty at tyfujimura dot com. I’m excited to talk through your challenges and identify if I can bring unique value to your organization.